My work and my subjects elicit all kinds of feelings and thoughts within the viewer. I have had comments from patrons and artist alike, stating that my work is identifiable, not in the common place way but in a faded lifetime kind of way. It strikes up memories of a distant family member, an uncle, a grandfather or their father that used the tools like the ones I work with, and the response is always a pleasant, nostalgic and joyous reaction that always catches me by surprise. 

This is why I choose to work with these vintage tools, a medium that is interesting, identifiable, familiar, and filled with untold stories that need to be told.

An unexpected reward for me has been that my friends, buyers, art lovers and even those who really don't care about the arts, donate old, interesting, vintage power tools and hand tools to me, asking me if  I can "do something cool with this, it was may dads...". It touches me every time. 

With my art and sculpture,  I like to let the piece "speak to me" and let it evolve in my mind and studio; but I also understand that, as a buyer, my work can be unpredictable in size and scale. My solution is that I can create a sculpture, a photograph, a mixed media to fit within a certain space. Uncharacteristically of an artist, I do not find that a limiting task at all. I welcome the challenge. I will always and diligently keep my style and flavor in every piece of work I do, but I do understand that not every collector has unlimited wall and floor space. 

If you enjoy my style of art and are craving a small interesting piece to fit on a small table or a massive "deconstructed" tractor, let's have that conversation. Please feel free to email me through the Contact page on this site or at