Art of Art

I have been working diligently on a number of new works for my upcoming solo show, Mechanical Love Stories, at the Art Base annex in Basalt, Colorado. I like to post on social media my current works in progress to keep those interested in my work updates and a visual progress report of my new works in sculpture and photography, it's great to get the feed back. Like this one I posted yesterday;


The Internet  

The Internet  

But today the coolest thing presented its self: an other artist saw my work and did his own rendition of the work above! I could not be more pleased. 




How cool is that!



Glenn H. Smith

Upcoming Work

I take inspiration from the forgotten, the silent, and the useful. When I find things to work with or thing that "speak" to me, it is very rarely nature or a beautiful sunset, it is more the smell of a moldy garage or abandoned factory. I look for the stories of the workers and laborers, the machinery that made outlives and their lives better, or worse. 

Here are a few things that I will bemusing in my next set of sculptures for the series I have been working on called simply, Mechanical Love Stories. 


Honor This.

Hand tools, no matter how small and insignificant has played a part in some craftsman life. It is easy to take these nonimpact, unimportant "cogs" of a working day, put them on a shelf and forget about them. I feel that is unfair. This small part plays a big part in a families life; it provided the need task to receive money to feed a family, send a child to school, making life that much rewarding, no matter how small of part it played. 

This will be the focus of my next piece, Box Knife. 

Box Knife