New Work On And Off My Bench

It has been a bit to long since my last post, but my hands dirty, the ideas are flow and my message is strong. As anyone who works as an artist is always in flux be it by choice or not, I thrive on it. 




Just finished this sculpture; vintage level, steel, Mylar  


Crosses had to be built

Crosses had to be built

The work is a commentary on faith, reflecting on the construction of a cross, echoed by a chalkboard finish to clearly state that you can write what exactly what you beliefs may be...




And a quick pic of my flight back from Bozeman  


More to come,  



Some tools, no, most tools have a soul.  These 5 awl's have a history or a memory longer than my time here. When I look at the wear, the patina, the imperfections of the tips of the steel, they were all made by the work and effort of the worker that engaged them.

This is a visual representation of the extension of one's hand. 

Study #1

Photo by Glenn H Smith

Photo by Glenn H Smith

Study #2

Photo by Glenn H Smith

Photo by Glenn H Smith