2017: The Year of Mechanical Engagement

2016 was a very exciting year. I had a number of shows, some group shows and one very successful solo show at The Art Base in Basalt, fundraisers at The Red Brick Arts Center, The ART WAVE in Aspen, CO and Malibu CA. There was art purchased and commissioned by The Bezos Family Foundation, Private collectors in Houston, California and points afar.

The Aspen Art Museum has been very generous to include me in the Curators Crit sessions that invited artist are critiqued by international museum curators, I am very lucky to be able to take part in such a thing. While we are at it, I also was part of a of a private opening with Julian Schnabel discussing his early work. 

The most recent news of 2017 is the opening of Gallery 8k aka G8K in the heart of downtown Aspen, Colorado. Right in the center of Hyman Ave mall, look for the huge Nail Bear.

Also, I am an invited artist for the Blamo Minky Toy Exhibit

Follow the progress at #BlamoMinkyShow

Follow the progress at #BlamoMinkyShow

Next Is a Group show at The Aspen Gallery in March, Details to come...

Plus here is some of my newest work I have been wrenching on.

New Work On And Off My Bench

It has been a bit to long since my last post, but my hands dirty, the ideas are flow and my message is strong. As anyone who works as an artist is always in flux be it by choice or not, I thrive on it. 




Just finished this sculpture; vintage level, steel, Mylar  


Crosses had to be built

Crosses had to be built

The work is a commentary on faith, reflecting on the construction of a cross, echoed by a chalkboard finish to clearly state that you can write what exactly what you beliefs may be...




And a quick pic of my flight back from Bozeman  


More to come,  


Show at the Red Brick!

This will be a short and sweet post. I am happy to announce that I am part of a group show at the Red Brick Arts Center in the beautiful town of Aspen, Colorado.  

The theme of the show is Structure. As opposed to other artist police by of view, but like perimeters.  

Here are a few pieces I am showing: 




This one is the mock up but....it's cool; 



And this is the Facebook announcement: 



Please share with your friends and look for my updates!