Warning! Spring Art Sale!

Hello all,

One thing that is ever constant is that I always try my best to stay fresh, ever producing, and more importantly, flush. 

I would love to share an opportunity to purchase some of my last series Mechanical Love Stories of work at a steep discount. I love all these pieces but I would love to have them adopted for a reasonable cost to art lovers, collectors of my work. I am selling my "Warning Signs" series at a great price. 

The work is 4 archival photo prints on linen paper, framed in custom metal frames i designed and welded and covered in high quality plexiglass. They measure 30"x5"x32" weigh 58#  

They have been listed at $1500 each and I am now offering them at $900 each! (not including shipping)

You can purchase them here on my website on the Work For Sale tab or at this link http://www.glennhsmith.com/new-products/


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Blamo Minky Show / #BlamoMinkyShow In Aspen

It has been a whirlwind around my studio lately, I could not be more pleased. There is plenty going on, new shows, new works, exciting times. 

One show I am very excited about is taking place this week at Birds Nest Gallery and the BLKMKT Aspen in the space formally known as Boogies, in downtown Aspen. It is the Blamo Minky Show which will feature 40 or so different artist using the exact same "toy" named Minky for that amazing artist and culture magnets, Blamo Toys, for us to do what we do. All the works will be shown in mass on the 20th of this month. (and dear god will we need a diversion that day)..

So here is the Minky I am showing. Please share your thoughts and spread the word everywhere if you think this is cool.