A Solo Show/New Work

It has been a very busy year so far... As I have eluded to in my last few blogs, I have been getting ready for a big event. That event being my first solo show which will open the first week April at The Art Base Annex in Basalt Colorado. I will update all of you when I get the official PR package and web links. 

I wanted to give you a taste of some of the work I am creating for my Mechanical Love Stories show. All of the work is telling the story of the missing link between a craftsman and the work them and the tools create.

The sculpture will tell a story the closer you look at each one of them.


This is " You Should Really Care" 

Steel, Walnut, Vintage plane, Stainless Steel






This is 'Symbiosis Now and Then" 

Vintage meter, plexiglass, powder coating, tape

"Faith is an Illusion"