"The Bomb"… Sold!

I am very excited! "May Have Built The Bomb" Photo A/P edition sold and is ready for delivery.

This is one of my favorite tool detail photos that I've done. The image represents a very "old school" soldering iron in a very clean, white. almost sterile backdrop. This was intentional. What I wanted to bring forth was not only the simplicity of this tool, but to hopefully question its big picture effect. 

Before the days of commercial industrial production, circuits and electronic boards were soldered and assembled by a technician's hand. Everything of an advanced technology, from a transistor radio, a toaster, even the atomic bomb was touched by someone's hand holding a tool. This thought intrigues me. When I was handling this tool, with its red and yellowish green lights and an archaic on/off switch that was gravity activated, it struck me that this simplistic implement may have had a hand in creating some of the world's most terrible innovations. Contrast and conflict came to mind. 

Also, it is very important to me that I create and build the appropriate frame as well. I chose to weld a custom frame that speaks to the images that I have seen from Hiroshima, done in damaged steel, with the essence of the horrific black, white and silver hues of the photos back then. Not a direct imitation but more of an uncomfortable recognition. 

Here is the work;