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Glenn Howard Smith: Born on the 245th day of the year, the same year that CBS Evening News became the first ever half hour news cast. As a dedicated Colorado native with an insatiable appetite for knowledge and adventure, he has traveled most of the world and was nearly an "ex-pat" to the beautiful country of New Zealand. Long before that, throughout his childhood, he would most likely be found working in his father's wood-shop, building and rebuilding most everything - a trait that is still part of his fabric to this day.

After graduating high school, the decision was made to enter the world at the ripe young age of 17. With a passion for art and eye for design, Glenn wanted to continue with schooling in Architecture, Art Direction or Industrial Design, but it became evident that this was an impossibility at that time. Unfettered, he found ways to create a very interesting life.

Creativity and opportunity can be found in many places. As a key component of survival, like many others, he took a cook's job in a local hotel restaurant. He recognized that food was a great medium with unlimited possibilities, it afforded the chance to learn a trade, hands on, and equally important, the medium tasted much better than acrylic paint or modeling clay. That was the catalyst to a 20+ year career in the culinary arts. It provided him with the skills and the opportunity to work, eat and travel the world.

Within that time, Glenn found himself living and working in world renowned, beautiful Aspen, Colorado. He abruptly discovered that he had a congenital heart issue that was quickly and successfully rectified. The residual effect of that life changing surprise, was that it was recommended that he placed himself in a “lower stress” environment. So he did. As an avid fishermen, growing up fishing every weekend with his favorite uncle, he became, 25 years later, a professional fly fishing guide at Taylor Creek Fly Shop. His ability to instruct, communicate and understand how to “read people and read the waters”, he quickly became one of the Roaring Fork Valley's premiere and most sought after guides.

The only downfall of that wonderful lifestyle is that it is seasonally dependent. To fortify his income without heading back to a restaurant kitchen, he took it upon himself to become a private chef, creating a catering company, as well as becoming the Chef in Residence at The Cooking School Of Aspen. Know exclusively as a chef/entertainer, became a staple in the Aspen culinary scene.

Inherently a craftsmen with an eye for design, he has also designed and built homes, restaurants, office spaces (AIA Awarded) and furniture. A local notable reference, he designed and built The Pullman Restaurant in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

Among his other talents, he happily restores vintage motorcycles and bicycles.  If that is not enough, he works with The Bezos Scholars Program and The Bezos Family Foundation.

As for the last few years, Glenn has returned to his roots and is actively following his true calling, Art and Design. He is actively working in his studio in Basalt, Colorado, creating "mechanical-centric", multi-media sculptures, photography, and designing and building custom furniture.


Glenn Smith's Studio located in Basalt, Colorado. Working with wood, steel, mixed media and photography. 


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